How do students select a game


The Sumdog game selector lets students easily view all the games they have access to on one screen without having to scroll through multiple pages to find the one they want. Here is a full list of all our Sumdog games.


1) To select a game the students will need to click on 'Play Games'.


2) They will then be able to select the game they would like to play from the Games page.


3) To begin the game they simply need to click on the game they would like to play, and once it has loaded, click on 'Start' to begin.


Common Question

Why can’t my students access the games selector?

The games selector runs on HTML5 and will need to be used on a supported browser. Unfortunately on some older browsers (such as Internet Explorer) you will not have access to the games chooser. Here is a list of the supported browsers and OS version.

If you are unsure of your browser version you can run a browser check here. Please make sure that WebGL is also active. You can check your bowser's WebGL status here.


I am having trouble accessing the Sumdog app on my tablet/smartphone.

For best performance we advise that you keep the Sumdog app up to date with the latest app version.

You will be able to install the latest app update from either your Apple, Google Play or Amazon store through your tablet/smartphone. 

If you would like to update the Sumdog app through your tablet/smartphone’s setting page here is a general guide for the different systems.


My student is using a tablet/smartphone and we are seeing the message ‘Sumdog is not supported on this device’. Why is that?

Due to compatibility issues if you are using a tablet/smartphone your students will need to access Sumdog through the Sumdog app. This is because games on the app are designed to work and run on tablets/smartphones.

If you do not have the Sumdog app installed on your tablet/smartphone you can download it here.


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