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We have introduced a new class set up for teachers who create a new Sumdog school account. Unfortunately, if you are part of or joining an existing school account you will not be able to use this feature yet.


Welcome to your new Sumdog school account. Once you are part of a school you will be able to add your students.

To set up your class:

1) Select the ‘Quick class set up class’ option to begin creating your class and adding students.


2) On the Set up your class page please fill in the details of your class and students.

  • Class name: Create a name for the class you would like to place the students in. Common names are Year 4B, Ms Smith’s Homeroom, Ms Smith Mathematics Wizards or Ms Smith Math Class.
  • Year group: Choose the year/grade level of your students from the drop-down list.

Note: This will be the 'students academic level'. You should select the same level for all the students in the class, but you will be able to edit this from the Manage students page later.

  • Add your students: Either key in or copy and paste your students names into the box. You do not need to include any other data here. If you would like your students Sumdog accounts to appear under a different name you should use those names instead.

Note: 'Only the students first name' and last name initial will appear on their account. If you have created the student account using an alias which is different from their name in your MIS/SIS please make a note of it. You will need to remember this when moving them to their new class in the next school year.

Due to the way the system is set up there can’t be more than one student with the same name in the same class. If this happens you will need to edit the student's name so that they are unique. You can either add a number or include the student's middle name.


3) Once you have added your students click on ‘Set up class’ to confirm the account creation. Your class and students will now be created.


4) You will now be able to print your students' login details and letters for the students to take home to their parents. The parent letters will also include the individual student’s login details together with how they can access Sumdog at home.


Common questions

For security, I do not want to add my student's real names.

On Sumdog we will only display the student's first name and last name initial. You can create your student's accounts under a nickname or code if you would prefer not to include their real names.


I am trying to add my students but am getting an error 'Some names are used more than once. Each student must have a different name', Why?

Due to the way the system is set up currently there can’t be two or more students with the same name in the same class. You could consider editing the second student's name to include maybe a middle name or a unique identifier.


Why am I not able to add more than 50 students to a class?

Due to the way the system is set up and to help with system performance we have a recommended max class size of 39 students. When adding your students you will be able to add a maximum of 50 students to a class. If you have more them 50 students you could split the class in two and add them to separate classes.

If you have more then 50 students and would like them all to be together you could split them into multiple classes and then create a Group for your students. Here are more details about Groups and how you can add your students.


Why can’t I use the class name I have entered? I am getting the message 'This class name already exists'.

This means that there is another class with the same name in the school account. To help identify classes we recommend you use a unique class name. You could try including the current school year in the class name to help identify it as your current class.

If at any point you get stuck, click on the purple ‘Help’ option on the bottom right of the page. This will allow you to search for related help pages or you may be able to live chat with one of our support team.

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