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Find out more about using the All math topics to set practice work for your students  and the options below:





How can I use the All math topics?


The All math topics practice activity is a fun way to have your students study a particular skill, or improve their understanding of skills they might be struggling with.


Practice work allows you to set targeted questions for your students to work on when taking part in the activity.


Students are encouraged to participate by earning bonus coins when they reach their correct answer target. 

Correct answer targets can be set by you when creating the All Math Topics activity for your students. This target represents the number of questions your students will be required to answer correctly. Once this target is reached, the bonus coins will be earned.


Example: You set a correct answer target of 50 in the activity. Once your student has answered 50 questions correctly, they will unlock the 50 bonus coins earned in the activity. 


There is no maximum number for the correct answer target in an activity. It’s up to you how ambitious you want the target to be! You can set it as high, or as low, as you think is appropriate. Once your students have reached the correct answer target the activity will be listed as completed however they can still continue to answer questions.


When setting correct answer targets, do consider the activity start date and end date set as part of the activity. This will determine how long your students have to answer questions and achieve the target. 

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How do I create an All math topics activity?


Log onto your teacher account and set the All Math Topics activity following the guide below:

Step 1: Click ‘Set Work’.  Annotation_2020-05-19_142906.png
Step 2: Click ‘SET PRACTICE WORK’ in the ‘All math topics’ box.  Annotation_2020-05-19_142954a.png

Step 3: (Optional) You will now be able to set work for your selected class.


If you are assigned to more than one class here is how you can change the class displayed.

If you need to be assigned to more classes click here for a how to guide.


Step 4: (Optional. If you did not opt to split the students you can skip to Step 5) If you would like to personalize the skills for the students within the class click on box 'Split Students into Groups'.

You can also use this option if you would only like to assign the activity to 1 or a few students in the class.


Step 4 (a): Under Group 1 click on 'ADD STUDENTS' you can now select the student you would like to assign the same set of skills to.

Click 'Done'


Repeat the same process for the other Groups.



Step 4 (b): If you only want to assign the activity to 1 or a few students within the class follow Step 4 (a).

Next to Group 2 click on the red 'X' to remove the Group.

Only the student you have added to Group 1 will have the activity appear on their account.


Step 5: Click on 'CHOOSE SKILLS'.

You will be able to filter the skills by Topic and Grade/Year levels.


If you would like to know more details about the skill or see some sample questions click on the downwards pointing arrow on the right next to each skill.

Click on the '?' to see some sample questions.








Tick the skills you would like to students in the Group to work on and click 'Done'.


We normally recommend that you select 1 or at most 2 skills. This is due to the progression system where the students will need to get an 80% accuracy in each step before they can move onto the next step or skill.

Step 6: Scroll down and under 'Title' key in a title for your activity.


We recommend a title which is each for your students to notice or relating to the topic. 

The title will be the same for all the students.


Step 7:  Next you can set the 'Correct answer target'. This will be the number of correct answers your students will be working towards.


By default, it's set to 50 but you can make this as high or as low as you like depending on the duration of the activity.



Step 8: Select the 'Available from' date. This will be when the activity will start and appear on your student's account.

Set the 'Available until', this will be when the activity will.


Step 9: Click 'SET CHALLENGE' to create the activity.



Don’t worry if you make an error when setting up the activity. You can edit the activity after it has been created.

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Can I edit an All math topics activity once it is created?


Yes, you can edit an existing activity using the guide below:

Step 1: Click ‘Set Work’.  Annotation_2020-05-19_142906.png
Step 2: Click ‘SET PRACTICE WORK’ in the ‘All math topics’ box.  Annotation_2020-05-19_142954a.png
Step 3: Click on 'VIEW ALL CHALLENGES'. Annotation_2020-05-19_143111v.png
Step 4: Next to the activity you would like to edit click ‘edit’.  Annotation_2020-05-19_152205a.png
Step 5: Click ‘Next’. This will scroll through the set up pages. Keep clicking until you find the page with details you would like to edit.  
You can add or remove a student from the activity on the Choose Student Page. Either tick or untick a student to remove or include them in the activity and click ‘Next’.  Annotation_2020-05-19_164348.png

You can edit the skills your students will be working on, on the Choose Skills Page.

Click on ‘Set skills’ to either add skills or remove a skill.

To add a skill, tick the skill you would like to include.

To remove a previously selected skill, click on the X next to the skills.

Click ‘Next’ to continue to the next page.
If you need to change the start date or end date of a challenge, or the correct answer target, you can do this on the Create Challenge Page.  Annotation_2020-05-19_164442.png 
Step 6: Click ‘Save’ to confirm the changes.

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How can I view the results from the All math topics activity?


Once you have logged into your teacher account you will be able to view the results for the activity:

Step 1: Click ‘Set Work’.  Annotation_2020-05-19_142906.png
Step 2: Click ‘SET PRACTICE WORK’ in the ‘All math topics’ box.  Annotation_2020-05-19_142954a.png
Step 3: Under the heading 'Your Challenges' click on the downwards pointy arrow on the right.  Annotation_2020-05-19_170145a.png
Step 4: Click 'View details'  Annotation_2020-05-19_170406.png

Step 5: A pie chart will be displayed detailing how many children have:

  • Started
  • Completed
  • Not started 

Scroll down and you will be able to view:

  • Questions attempted
  • Questions correct
  • Accuracy
Step 6: Click ‘Done’ to return to your dashboard.

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How can I make sure my students work on the All math topics activity I created?


If your students have not been set any other activities the activity you created will appear on their dashboard, they can also click on Tasks to view their list of avilable activities.

On your teacher account there is an option to restrict your class to a specific activity. Once you have logged into your teacher account:

Step 1: Click ‘Set work’.  Annotation_2020-05-19_142906.png

Step 2: Select ‘Live Controls’.


If you are assigned to more than one class here is how you can change the class displayed.

If you need to be assigned to more classes click here for a how to guide.

Step 3: Click ‘RESTRICT’ in the Focus Work box.  Annotation_2020-05-19_172234a.png

Step 4: To restrict your students to a Challenge, tick the ‘Challenges and Competitions’ option. 

You can select multiple activities.

Your students will be restricted to the selected activity or activities for one hour.

Step 5: Click ‘Restrict’ to confirm.

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How can my students answer questions on the All math topics activity?


Once a student is logged into their account, they can participate in the All Math Topic activity as follows.

Step 1: Click ‘Task’.  Annotation_2020-05-22_144305a.png

Step 2: Select the activity from the activity selection.

In this example, the All math topics activity is tilted 'Fractions Task'.

Step 3: Click ‘Start’.  Annotation_2020-05-21_093516a.png
Step 4: Select a Sumdog game to play. The questions asked in the game will be based on the skills you had selected.  Annotation_2020-05-22_144902.png

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Common questions 


What is the recommended number of skills I should select for a All math topic activity?

We would recommend you select one, or at most two skills when setting up the activity. This is because your student will not be able to move onto the next skill selected until they complete all steps in the previous skill with at least 80% accuracy. 

If you are creating an activity with a longer active period, selecting more skills may be more appropriate.



Can I set more than one activity for my students? 

Yes, you can. On their dashboard, your students will see the activity which is ending the soonest. However, they can click on their Task box to view all the activities they have available. They will just need to select the activity they would like to work on.



What is the recommended correct answer target I should set for the activity?

The correct answer target is set to 50 as default. You can set this number as high or as low as you like, although do take into account the time allocated to complete the activity.



Can I choose which questions will be asked during the activity

You are able to select which topic or skills you would like your student to focus on as part of the All Math Topic activity. You are not able to set individual questions however. 



How can I know what questions will be asked or what will be covered under a skill?

To find out how you can view details about what will be covered in a skill, or to view sample questions, you can refer to Step 5 under How do I create an All math topics activity?



My students can’t see the  activity I created

If your student is not able to view the activity you have set them in their Tasks box, first ensure your student is logging into the correct Sumdog account.


Check the login details that your student is using, and ensure they’re not automatically logging onto an old or inactive account. 

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