Your Teacher Dashboard

When you log into your Sumdog teacher account you will be brought to your teacher dashboard overview.

From your dashboard Overview, you will be able to view your current class and what they have done today. In the picture below, you can see the student's Correct answers for today. 

If you would like to change what data is displayed on your dashboard click on Customize. You will then be able to choose which data you would like to view.


From your dashboard overview you will be able to:

  • Open/Close the House for the class. This can be done in the box on the top right
  • If you would like to play the games with your student click on PLAY NOW in the Let's play box on the bottom left.

At the Top of your dashboard (in the blue row), you will see the different sections you will be able to navigate to. We are currently in Overview.


Set work: Here you will be able to create and View the Results for the Assessments, Challenges, and Competitions you have created. (These are subscription features). You will also be able to enter your class or classes into the Sumdog Contest from this page.


Reports: Here you will be able to view the reports to track your student's progress through the Proficiency and Class report. You will also be able to view and reset the diagnostic test for your students here. The Administrator/School leader toolkit will also be accessible from here.


Settings: Here you will be able to manage both your class and school settings. You will also be able to view and change your school's Standards/Curriculum on this page.

  • School settings


  • Standards/Curriculum


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