Why has my class score gone down?

Was a new student recently added to the class?


Did a student recently just start to answer questions in the contest?


All contest scores are calculated on a class average. This means that if another student was added to the class or if a student who had not played prior started playing the score will be divided by the total number of students.

For example, you might see that your class score was 250 yesterday and today it has dropped to 239. This is because more students have started to play in the contest today compared to yesterday.

Yesterday 12 students were playing in the contest with a total score of 3,000. The overall class average score will be calculated as:

3,000 (Total score) / 12 (total students) = 250

A new student was then added to the class today. The overall class score will then be divided by 13 instead of 12. Today the total class score has gone up to 3,100, however the class average will be:

3,100 (Total score) / 13 (total students) = 239

The same will apply if a existing student in the class started answering questions in the contest for the first time. 




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