What will I receive with the subscription?

With your Sumdog subscription your students will have access to the subscription games, this means that they will have 27 games to choose from.


In addition to the games you will have access to Sumdog wide range of teaching tools which will help you set and track your student's progress through setting activities and our class reports.

Included in the subscriptions are:

Assessments - With the Assessment you will be able to create a specific set of questions to test your class on. When a student takes an assessment, they'll be answering outside of Sumdog's games, much like a paper test. The results are sent to you in real time and you can share or print these if you wish.

Challenges - Challenges allow you to set a goal for your students to achieve by a certain time. Challenges can be used for homework assignments or create a Challenge in class based on what the students have learned.

Competitions - Sumdog's competitions allow students to compete for a place on their class leader board. As they play, students see a leader board showing the results. 

Reports - On your students individual report card you will be able to view their current Focus skill, this will be the skill the student is currently working on. You will also have access to their Hard skill report. These are skills which the student is struggling with.

Class Reports - The Class report will allow you to view different metrics such as Time on Sumdog, Accuracy, Skill Status and more. From here you will be able to track what your students are working on and which skills they might be struggling with. 


If you have any questions about the subscription features do get in touch with us at support@sumdog.com.

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