How can I view how my students performed?

To see how your students are performing in a current contest:

1) Select Set work at the top

2) Click on VIEW in the Contest box


3) Click on Reports in the green box next to the contest you would would like to view

4) You will now be able to see the classes from your school and their position. Click on 'report'.

5) You will not be able to view the list of students within that class you tool part in the contest, their:

  • total number of questions answered
  • number of correct answers
  • average speed 
  • position in the constant


Note: You will only be able to view the class report if 10 or more students took part in the contest. This means that 10 or more students would need to have at least answered 1 question on the contest.

With the student position, we only count the total correct answers. In the event of a tie however we will look at accuracy and the average speed (per questions) as a tie breaker.



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