Controlling your school's Standard/Curriculum

From your teacher account, you will be able to control what your students or the students in your school are working on.

Here is how you can view or edit your Curriculum section:

1) Select Settings at the top

2) Click on Standard/Curriculum


From here you will be able to select which section you would like to view and/or edit:

  • School standard/curriculum: On this page, you will be able to change which standards/curriculum your students will work through. You will also be able to see a list of standards/curriculum currently covered by Sumdog. Whenever we add a new standard and/or curriculum we will update the list on the page.
  • Reorder Skills: On this page, you will be able to select which order you would like your students to work through their skills. The skills will be arranged in order according to your selected stand/curriculum however you will be able to edit the order from your teacher account.
  • Restrict skills: When students complete their diagnostic test, they will be give a grade/year level which will be according to their ability level. The questions asked when they play the games will be according to their diagnostic test level. However, if you would like to restrict the skills which the students are working on you can use this function. By restricting your student's skills, it means that they will only work on the skills you have selected for them. Note: if a student is finding a restricted skill to hard, it will be marked as a hard skill. In the event, a student has 3 or more hard skills they will be placed in revision mode. By restricting the student's skills it might, therefore, cause them to be stuck in revision mode if they are finding the skills too hard. If you would like to assign skills to your students we would recommend using the Challenge function instead.
  • View restrictions: If you had or are wondering if a teacher has set Restrict skills for any of the students you can use this function to view or remove any skill restrictions.
  • Diagnostic test: On this page to view the diagnostic test scores for your students or students in the school. Use the drop-down bar at the top to select the class you would like to view. You can also click on the individual student's name to see their result.


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