How can I view my students progress in Tables?

You will be able to view your student's progress on their Tables skills by either selecting them form your Manage students page or you can click on their name on your dashboard to view their report card.

If you manage more then one class you can switch which class is displayed on your dashboard, here is how.

Simply click on the name of the student you would like to view.

On their individual report card click on Fact Families Report.


You will not be able to view their progress. The pyramid will show you which facts they have completed (green), which they are working on (yellow) and which they haven't started.

If you place your mouse over one of the boxes you will be able to see the steps involved in that skill. 

On the bottom left of the page you will be able to click on the different tables options to view how the student has performed in that tables portion. 


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