How and when will the students take the diagnostic test?

When a student first starts using Sumdog they will straight away begin the diagnostic test when they start playing the games.

When in the diagnostic test students will be able to choose which games they would like to play and their answers during the games will all count towards their diagnostic test score.

They will however need to be in Training mode when answering the questions. If they are doing another activity these questions will not count towards their diagnostic test.

By default, students will be in Training mode when they first start using Sumdog. However, they will be able to switch over to other activities like Tables.


If they have selected another activity they will be able to switch back to Training by clicking on the light green Activity panel and select Training.

You will be able to restrict them to only work on Training if you prefer from your teacher account, here is how. 


On the student's account, they will know they are in the diagnostic test when they see the line 'Diagnostic test Answer carefully to get your first pet....' in their top bar message.

Once your student has completed their diagnostic test they will be rewarded with their first pet. They will then be able to learn tricks for their pet when they complete a new skill. Here is more information on pets.

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