Challenges (Older format)

Students need to be covered by a subscription to participate in a Challenge. If you'd like to try out this feature, get in touch


The Challenge feature has now been updated and replaced with the All math topic feature, but you can still set these older-format Challenges using the steps below.


 To set a Challenge:

1) Select Set work at the top


2) Select CREATE & VIEW in the Challenge box

3) Choose a subject and click Next

4) Check the box beside the class or group you want to select. If you like, click the blue arrow next to the class name to expand the classes and groups and select individual students.

You can also use the Student filter on the top left and tick All year groups to show all the classes in the school.

Click Next once you have selected all the students.


5) You'll then have the option to customize the Challenge skills. Select the students you want to set skills for then click Set skills at the bottom of the screen.

If left as 'Skills chosen by Sumdog', the skills will be according to the students diagnostic test level.


6) If you are setting the skills, tick the skills you would like to include. You can use the filters on the left side to help. 

Tick the skills you would like to include. You can click on the blue arrow next to the skills to view drop-down information on what will be covered in each particular skill.


6) When you're happy with the set skills, click Next.

7) Enter the name of the challenge, an encouraging message and the goal for your students. You can also set when the challenge begins and ends.

8) When you're ready, click Create and Done.


The target you set will represent the number of correct questions your students will need to work towards. Once they reach their target, they will be rewarded with the bonus coins.

Example: A set target of 250 correct answers = 250 coins




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