How do I create an Assessment?

Assessments are a subscription feature.

To create an Assessment:

1) Select Set work at the top.


2) Click CREATE & VIEW in the Assessments box

3) Click Create an assessment in the green box at the top


4) Select the subject. Click Next.

5) Select the class or group. You can also create an Assessment for the whole school or select students within a class/group. 

  • Use the Student filter on the top left and tick All year groups, This will display all the classes in the school account. One the bottom left you can click Add all to select all the classes.
  • If you only want to add a couple of students within a class. Click the blue arrow next to the class name this will drop down the list of students in that class. Tick the names that you want to include.

Click Next once ready.


6) Name your Assessment and choose Assessment details. The Assessment will appear on the student's Activity panel on the selected Activity starts date and will be visible until the selected Activity end date

Once the student starts the Assessment they will have the assigned Time allowed to answer all the number of questions. 

Once the time allowed has lapsed or if the students' ticks that they have finished the Assessment, they will not be able to answer or make changes to any further questions. 

Click Next to start to select the skills and questions covered once you are ready.


7) Choose the skills you want the assessment to cover. You can use the filters on the left to help you find specific skills.


Check the boxes beside any you wish to include. You can expand the skill and see the steps involved by clicking the blue arrow beside its name. Click the question mark to see an example of the question. When you're satisfied with your selection, click Next.

8) Review your questions. Sumdog has generated a set of questions based on the skills you selected. To change any questions, click the refresh button at the side of the question you would like to replace. 

Note: If you like, you can print the assessment to be taken as a paper test. To do this, when you are viewing the assessment, click Hide answers at the bottom left corner and Print


When you're happy with your assessment, click Create.


If you would like to extend or repeat an Assessment you can do this on the Assessment page. Under Actions click on 'extend' or 'repeat' next to the selected Assessment.

Extend - This will extend the end date for your Assessment. This is useful if you have some students who might not yet have started the Assessment. Extending the Assessment for students who have already completed the Assessment will have no effect.

Repeat - This can be used if you would like to either set the same Assessment for the same students at a later date to see if they have improved or you can use the same Assessment for different students. 

If you have a student join your class after you have created the assessment and would like them to also take part you can repeat the assessment for them. 

On the Choose student page click on the blue arrow next to the class and only tick the names of the students you would like to repeat the assessment for. 



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