What is the diagnostic test?

The purpose of Sumdog's diagnostic test is to place students at the right level based on their ability.

During the test, games will run as normal. Students will get asked some very easy questions and tricky questions. Please ask them not to worry as the learning engine will understand, and place them in the correct level.


Will all students start at the same level in the diagnostic test?

No, the starting level for the diagnostic test will depend on the student's grade/year level on their profile. For example, if you have a Grade/Year 6 students they will start the diagnostic test with grade/year 3 or 4 question. While a younger student in grade/year 2 will start at the beginning.

This is done so that students in the higher levels will not get bored with the easy questions at the start. Also, the younger students will not get frustrated if the questions are too hard.


What happens if I have students with special needs or they are finding the questions too hard?

If your students are finding the questions too hard at the start, don't worry if they answer the questions incorrectly our system will notice and bring the skill level down.

If you have a student in a higher level but want them to start on the easier questions you could change their grade level on their account profile, here is how. 


How many questions will the diagnostic test ask?

During the diagnostic test students will be asked between 10 to 200 questions. The number of questions will depend on their answers, accuracy and grade/year level. Kindergarten students, for example, will be asked fewer questions then a grade/year 6 students as they would not know all the harder skills and would therefore not progress to the higher level questions.

You might also have students with the same class and grade/year who are asked a different number of questions. This will be due to their accuracy. As all students progress at different levels Sumdog will look at the student's answers and accuracy during the diagnostic test. In your class you might, therefore, see some students who completed their diagnostic test within approx 80 questions while another student might be at 170 question, this would be due to their accuracy.


How can a student complete the diagnostic test in 10 questions?

This will happen if the student failed to answer the first few questions correctly or if they have gotten below 80% accuracy in the first skill set in the diagnostic test.


How will the diagnostic test work?

During the diagnostic test, the system will look for around 80% accuracy in each skill before progressing the student onto the next skill or grade/year level. 

If a student has below 80% accuracy in a level the system will then move them down a level to see if they are able to answer the questions and so on. If the student does not get 80% accuracy in any of the levels the system will place them in a level according to their answers and accuracy. On the other hand, students will progress up the level when they have reached around 80% accuracy.

From your teacher account, you will be able to also view the diagnostic test scores and how each of your students answered the questions, here is how.


What happens once my students have completed the diagnostic test?

Once your students have completed the diagnostic test they will be given a corresponding ability grade/year level. Now when they start playing the games the questions asked will be according to their ability level. 

Each student will be able to progress through the skill plan according to their level.

Here is more information on what the diagnostic test scores mean.

The student will also be rewarded with their first pet when they have completed their diagnostic test.


My student rushed through/had help during the diagnostic test.

If your student had rushed through questions or had help in the diagnostic test they might be placed in an incorrect level. If you find that they were placed in either a too low and too high level you can reset the diagnostic test for them, here is how.

Note: If your students are rushing through the diagnostic test questions you could remind them that they will earn coins for each correct answer. Therefore rather then trying to finish the game before their friends they should take their time and answer the questions as accurately as possible. The more coins they earn the more they can spend in their House.

All of our Sumdog games are also based on motivating the students to answer correctly.  For example in Street Racer your car will move faster with each correct answer, thus helping you win the game. In Cannonball you will get to shot your cannon with each correct answer.

If a student is finding a question too hard don't worry, rather then helping them with the question let them answer it the best they can. If the student has had help with a tricky question this might cause the system to think that the student understands that skill and thus placing them in a higher level which will result in them having harder questions later or when they are working on their skills. 




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