How can I set a min/max grade/year level for my students?

The purpose of Sumdog's diagnostic test is to place students at the right level based on their ability.

However if for example, the student was distracted during the test or an older sibling helped during the test, students may be placed on an incorrect level. If you have a student who you think was placed on an incorrect level, you can reset the student's diagnostic test here.



If you do not want to currently reset the diagnostic test you can set a minimum and maximum grade/year level for your class. This means that the students in the selected class will only be asked questions within the set grade/year level regardless of their current diagnostic test score.

The students will be restricted to only work on skills within the set levels. These restrictions will apply during school hours until the end of the school year or til the restrictions has been removed.


To set a minimum and maximum grade/year level (Restrict Level) you can:

1) Click on Set work at the top


2) Select Live controls

3) Click on RESTRICT in the Restrict Level box

4) Select the subject and click Next

5) Select the class or classes. If you would like to set it for other classes in your school, use the Student filters on the left and tick 'All year group'. This will then display all the classes in the school. Click Next.

6) Select the Minimum and Maximum level from the drop-down list.


7) Click on Set grade/Set level to confirm


If you would like to remove the Restrict level for the class, repeat steps and when you are on the Set levels page click on Remove restriction on the bottom left of the page.



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