What is Reorder skills?

Students will work through their skill plan according to the standards/curriculum you have selected for your school account. They will work through the skill plan based on their diagnostic test score result.

The skills will be in line with your selected standards/curriculum however from your teacher account you will be able to select the order in which the students in either your class or school will work through the skills.

Note: When you reorder the skills do note that the reordered skills will only affect the students who are in that grade/year level in their diagnostic test.

Example: If a student is in grade/year 4 and has a diagnostic test score of 3.30, they will be working on grade/year 3 level skills. You would therefore, need to reorder the skills for grade/year 3 instead of grade/year 4.


To Reorder skills you can:


  1. Select Settings at the top
  2. Click on Curriculum
  3. Click on REORDER in the Reorder skills box
  4. Tick the subject you would like to reorder the skills for and tick if you would like to reorder them for your whole school or just a class.
  5. Click Next
  6. If you have ticked a group of students you will now be able to tick which class/classes you would like to include, click Next when ready.Screenshot__238_.png
  7. You will now be able to select which grade/year level you would like to reorder the skills for. You can reorder the skills for more then one grade/year level, simply make the changes to a level and then tick the next level you would like to reorder.
  8. To reorder the skills you can drag and drop the skills into the new position.
  9. Click on Save once you are satisfied.





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