What will happen to my teacher account?

During the Wonde integration process you will be able to access your teacher account as normal using your individual Sumdog teacher login.


To ensure that the integration process goes smoothly, we do advise that you update your teacher account to the same email address listed in your school's MIS. This is because your school's Sumdog account will only be updated with the data which has been shared with us.

If you are using another email address (personal email, old school email, etc), your teacher account will be removed from the Sumdog school account. This is because the system will take it that you are not a listed teacher at that school. The system will however create a new teacher account for you using the email which was shared with us. 

Here is how you can keep your teacher account up to date.


After the Wonde integration process, you will be able be able to access Sumdog either through Wonde using their SSO or if you prefer you can still log into Sumdog using your Sumdog login through the website or Sumdog app.

Note: Make sure that you are using your correct email address to log into your account. This will be the  email address which is listed in your school's MIS.


Note: To access Sumdog through Wonde your school would first need to share your school data with Sumdog through Wonde's secure sync.

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