Sumdog Warm Up

When your students first log into their Sumdog accounts using a web browser they will see a Sumdog Warm Up game before they reach their dashboard.

If they are using a tablet or smartphone with the Sumdog app they will not see the Warm Up.


Why is there a warm up before the students reach their dashboard page?

This was done in response to feedback from teachers regarding the long loading time for some of the games. In order to reduce time spent waiting for the games to load, we have created the Sumdog Warm Up - a series of quick fire questions to get students focused.

While the student plays the Warm Up, the normal games will continue to load in the background. This cuts down the waiting and loading when the students select a subsequent game, thus reducing classroom disruption.

What questions will be asked in the Sumdog Warm Up?

Before the start of the Sumdog Warm Up, students will be able to select which subject they would like to work on. If you have a subscription for all the subjects your students will be able to choose between

  • Mathematics
  • Spelling
  • Reading

If you only have a Mathematics subscription or are using the free version, the other subject options will be greyed out.

All the questions in the Sumdog Warm Up are designed to be quick fire revision questions covering skills the student has already completed.

If the student is new to Sumdog they will be asked, short quick fire questions below their current grade/year level.


Note: These questions will not count towards the student's diagnostic test score. They will however show in the skill report under the number of questions answered for a particular skill.

How long will the Sumdog Warm Up last?

The Sumdog Warm Up will last for about a minute. However, it might be a bit longer depending on the loading times for the games on the device.

How will my students be motivated during the Sumdog Warm Up?

During the Sumdog Warm Up students will earn coins for each correct answer much like in our other games. The more questions they answer correctly the more coins they will earn.


The students will get a chance to race Sumdog. The more questions they answer correctly the faster their car will go.

We have also added a little surprise for the students - when they hit a mystery box, their car will change into a hybrid car!

At the end of the Sumdog Warm Up the students will see how many coins they have earned.


Can I turn off the Sumdog Warm Up?

You cannot currently turn off the Warm Up. This is because it acts as a loading area for other games.



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