How can I change my family standards/curriculum?

When you first set up your Sumdog family account the Standard/Curriculum will be automatically allocated based on the country you are located in. However you can view and change your family's standards/curriculum at any time.

Note: when you change your family standard/curriculum your child will need to retake their diagnostic test (if they have already completed it. This is so that their diagnostic test scores can be aliened to the selected standard/curriculum.


To view and/or change your family standards/curriculum you can:

1) Select Settings at the top


2)Click on Advanced settings

3) Click on SELECT in the Standards box

4) You will now be able to view a list of current Standards/Curriculum offered for each subject


5) To change which standard/curriculum your children are working on click on the drop down box next to each subject


6) Click Done at the bottom to confirm the change


Note: if you are using the free family account, you will only have access to Mathematics. Here is how you can purchase the family subscription for access to the other subjects. 

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