2D Flash Games (Hide/Display options)

This feature is only available for teachers who are part of a school account.


Chrome and other browsers are now disabling Flash by default, making it harder to play our 2D games.

Following feedback and enquiries from both teachers and students about 2D games access, we have now created an option for teachers to either Hide or Display the 2D games on the student accounts. 


When should I enable 2D games?

Disabling 2D games will give you a smoother classroom experience as you will not have to change any browser settings.

2D games are now disabled by default. This is because Flash is increasingly being disabled by web browsers (see more below). However, your students may prefer some of our 2D games and wish to play them, in which case you can enable them.


What is happening to Flash?

All our 2D games require Flash to run, and with Adobe (the creators of flash) stopping their support in 2020, web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari) have started to disable Flash.

You can currently continue to use Flash and the Sumdog 2D games but you will need to go into each web browser's settings page to enable Flash before it can be used.

Access to Flash will also depend on your network settings. If you have a Google Admin they would need to enable it on the admin account before you can access Flash on Chrome.


What does this mean?

Due to lack of browser support for Flash our team has been moving away from the 2D games and all new games are made in 3D, which run on the web using HTML5.

To help teachers who might not be able to enable Flash on the web browsers, we have created an option for you to hide the 2D games from the students to avoid confusion.

You will be able to Hide or Display the 2D games from your teacher account:

  • Select Settings 
  • You will then see a box called 2D Flash Games 

From here you will be able to control if the 2D games are hidden or displayed for the students in the school.

Note: This option will not be permanent. Unfortunately, 2D games will no longer be available by Summer 2019.


Will I still need to enable Flash?

As Flash is run by Adobe independently of Sumdog, and access is decided by the different web browsers, you will still need to enable Flash on the browsers before your students can access the 2D games. If you have opted to show the 2D Flash Games on your students’ accounts but Flash is not yet enabled on their browsers, the students will see the 2D games greyed out and a red exclamation mark next to the games.


How do I enable flash?

Here is more information about what is happening to Flash and instructions on how you can enable Flash on the different web browsers.

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