How do I create a class?

Classes can be created by any teacher in the school account.

1) Select Settings at the top 

2) Click on MANAGE in the Manage students box


3) At the top click on Add a class   


4) You can now add your students to the class. Key in your class name at the top.

Under Grade/Year group choose your student's grade/year level from the drop-down list (currently you will only be able to select the same level for all the students in the class).


5) Key in the names of the students. Don't worry if you are unsure if they have an existing account. If the system finds a student with a matching name it will ask you to confirm the account in step 6.

Click 'Set up class'


6) If there are more then one student in the school with a matching name the system will ask you to confirm if the student you are adding has an existing account or if they are a new student. 

Click on the drop-down box to view the other accounts matching the name. If one of the results is your student select the account.

If the student account you are adding is a new student click on the box 'Create new'. This will create a new account for the student.

Click 'Create class' to create your class and add your students.


7) You can now either print out the students' login details and/or a parent letter for the students to take back to their parent with information on Sumdog.


If you need to add another student to your class during the year you can add them one by one or uploading them through a spreadsheet if you have multiple classes to add.

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