School and Wonde role

Although the roles may vary between schools we have come up with a standard list of contacts we will need within the school to ensure that the Wonde integration will run smoothly.

Department  Wonde Role

Prior to integration

  • Purchase the School Leader Toolkit
  • Approving/Agreeing to Wonde integration

During the integration 

  • Putting Sumdog in contact with the School's IT Department
  • During the matching progress to verify if any un-matched students are still in the school

After integration

  • Arranges with Sumdog on remote training date for the school teachers (optional)
  • Contact point for Sumdog should teachers not have a Wonde account
IT/Technical Department

During integration

  • Setting up the Wonde sharing with Sumdog based on the agreed sharing rules

After integration

  • Assisting with the sharing of new students and/or teachers to Wonde
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