What happens during the Wonde integration process?

During the integration process you and your students will still continue to have access to your existing Sumdog accounts.

You will still be able to login into Sumdog using your usernames and password (those will not change).

The only difference during the integration process is that your class roster will be locked and you will not be able to add new students to the school account. The reason for this is our team will need to extract the data from your Sumdog school account to match with the data shared with us through Wonde and we aim to have the matching done within 4 days. However during the matching process we would require that no new account be created in Sumdog as they would not be matched with their corresponding Clever account.

Don't worry, any student who does not yet have a Sumdog student account will have one created if no matching Wonde account is found.


Note: To access Sumdog through Wonde your school would first need to share your school data with Sumdog through Wonde's secure sync.

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