What will happen to my classes?

During the Wonde Integration

During the integration process you and your students will still continue to have access to your existing Sumdog accounts.

You will still be able to login into Sumdog using your usernames and password (those will not change).



In the Manage students page you will see the message informing you that your school is keeping the register up to date automatically. 

During the Wonde integration process we will first lock your classes and school account. Meaning that you will not be able to add/move or remove students from the classes.

This is done so that we can proceed to do a matching report on the students with an exiting Sumdog account to make sure that their accounts in Sumdog are linked to their Wonde accounts. This way the students will not lose any of their past progress and coins.

During the Wonde Integration process your classes will still appear as they normally do. The main change in the way the classes are arranged will be after the Wonde integration.


After Wonde Integration

The matching process will take up to 4 days. After this your classes will be arranged in Sumdog according to the data shared with use through Wonde. The way the classes appear will be according to how they are set-up in your school's MIS.

As your Sumdog school account will now be manged by your school any changed to the your classes and studetns will need to be done on your school's MIS and shared with us through Wonde.

If you noticed that you no longer have access to a certain class, don't worry it might just mean that in your school's MIS that class is listed as being managed by another teacher.

You will still be able to access the students and if you like you can add then to a Group.


Note: To access Sumdog through Wonde your school would first need to share your school data with Sumdog through Wonde's secure sync.


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