How do we share our data?

Before you can begin to share your school's date you would first need to create an account for your school in Wonde


When you first log into Wonde you will be taken to your dashboard where you can see all the applications who have requested access to your data.

Within the Sumdog app on Wonde you will be able to see which date we have requested to be shared with us. You will be able to approve the sharing or decline.

Once you’ve agreed to the permissions requested by the app, it’s now time for Wonde to integrate with your MIS. You’ll be taken to a page where you can select your MIS (i.e. Capita SIMS, RM Integris etc.) followed by a booking system where one of the team members at Wonde will be in touch.

When your Wonde integration is complete, you’ll then be able to restrict the data of certain individuals from being passed onto individual apps (i.e. students, parents, teachers etc.).

Here is more information from Wonde on how you can share your data.


Note: To access Sumdog through Wonde your school would first need to share your school data with Sumdog through Wonde's secure sync.

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