Will my students lose their old progress and/or data?

If your students have an existing Sumdog student account, don't worry they will not lose any of their past progress.

As part of the Wonde integration, we will first do a matching report on all the existing account in the school. This is done so that we can match the existing Sumdog accounts to their matching Wonde account. The students will not lose any data this way.


However in the event we are not able to match a student's account we will seek advise from the school as to the possible reasons why a students might not have a matching Wonde account. In the event we are not able to match a Wonde account we will create a new Sumdog account for that student.

Do not worry if in the event you notice that a student has lost all their progress or coins to let us know the name of the students and also the name used on their original Sumdog account. We will then be able to link the correct Sumdog account to their Wonde account.


Note: To access Sumdog through Wonde your school would first need to share your school data with Sumdog through Wonde's secure sync.

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