What are the benefits of Wonde?

With Wonde you will remove the hassle of uploading and arranging your classes throughout the year. Instead the students’ data will automatically be updated in Sumdog through the daily sync with Wonde. Students will also no longer have the hassle of remembering their logins  with the use of the Wonde Single Sign On (SSO) application.

Wonde offers both instant set-up of classes and SSO through their secure sync. Here is how you can find out more about getting your school set up using Wonde integration.


Wonde Instant Set-up of Classes

You school’s Sumdog account will be synced with the data shared with us through Wonde. This will be the data which is updated in your school's MIS. You will now only need to keep your MIS data updated and our daily sync will update the data to your Sumdog account.

Some of the benefits of using the Wonde Rostering are:

  • No more time spent on Sumdog arranging your students and classes. You can now spend the time planning your lessons and setting or viewing your students’ work.
  • No need to worry if a student already has an account. With the Wonde's sync, new students will automatically have an account created and existing students have their account synced. No more duplicate accounts.
  • No need to worry about adding a teacher or joining your school account. If your data is shared with us through Wonde your teacher account will be automatically updated to your correct school account.
  • More time to use Sumdog to set work for your students, less time spent doing admin work.

Wonde SSO

Single Sign On (SSO) means that your students will only need to use one login to access all their applications through Wonde. Wonde also offers QR badges for students or emoji logins which makes it not just easy to access, but also fun.

Some of the benefits of using the Wonder SSO are:

  • No need to remember lots of passwords. Teachers and students will be able to access all the applications which are on Wonde with one login.
  • Removes the hassle for teachers, having to print out and store all the students’ different login details.
  • Easy to use. Younger students can use their Wonde QR badge and emojis to login into their account.
  • Parents will not need to worry about which login details belongs to which application. They will just need one login to access all the apps on Wonde.




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