What is Wonde?

Wonde provides you the tools to securely share data stored in the Management Information System(MIS) with third party applications (apps). Through Wonde, schools can now better manage suppliers and control exactly what data is shared with each application. If your school uses apps powered by Wonde, you’ll be given a free account.

Wonde connects Sumdog to the school’s MIS. It then transfers the classes from the school's MIS to Sumdog. Sumdog is then kept up-to-date, as every time a school makes changes on their MIS, it will automatically change in Sumdog after the overnight sync.

Wonde also provides Single Sign ON (SSO). SSO means that students are able to access their Sumdog account through Wonde, along with any other applications used by your school. This means that students will only need to log into the one portal and no longer require separate usernames and passwords for each application. For SSO, the students can use a QR badge or a emoji code provided by Wonde.


Here is more information about Wonde.

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