What is SSO?

Single Sign On (also know as SSO) is part of the Clever integration. Once your school has been set up on Clever, both the teachers and students will have access to the school's Clever portal. 

With the Clever portal they will be able to use the Clever SSO to access all the apps which are listed on the portal, Sumdog being one of them.


What does this mean for your exiting Sumdog account?

Don't worry you will still be able to access your existing account using your Clever SSO, all this means this that instead of using your Sumdog login you can use your Clever portal to access the Sumdog app.

For younger students Clever also has a Clever badge which they can use to access their account via a QR code. 


Here is more information on the Clever Single Sign On (SSO).

Here is more information on the Clever Badge and how the students can use it to SSO.


Note: This will only apply to school who are sharing their data with Sumdog through Clever and have agreed to the Clever integration.

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