Teacher account, what changes?

With the Clever integration the school's data will be automatically updated based on what has been shared with us through Clever.

This means that teachers will no longer need to wait for approval when joining a school or invite other teachers to set up their Sumdog account in a Clever integrated Sumdog school.


Once your school has been integrated you will be automatically be added to your school's Sumdog account based on what is listed in Clever. If you found that you are part of a incorrect school account. It would be best to check this with your school's districts coordinator as your Clever account might not have been updated.


Moving Schools

If you leave a school which has been Clever integrated your teacher account will be automatically removed and added to your new school during the Clever daily sync.

If you have left to join a school which is not Clever integrated your account will still be removed from the old school but you will then need to request to join your new school account.


Note: This will only apply to school who are sharing their data with Sumdog through Clever and have agreed to the Clever integration.



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