What is the matching process?

Once we have received the shared data through Clever before we proceed to sync the accounts we will first do a matching report. 


The matching report will be done for all schools with an existing Sumdog account. We will do the matching report to make sure that the students with an existing Sumdog accounts are matched to their Clever account (which was shared with us).


We aim to have completed the matching report within 4 working days from receiving the data through Clever.

At the end of the matching report we will return to the district with a list of students (if any) who we were not able to be matched.

We will need the district to confirm if these students are still part of the school. If they are, we will need to know what name that student is listed under in Clever so that we can match them. If they are not longer at the school we will remove their account.


Reason why a student's existing Sumdog account might not be matched:

  • Sumdog account could have only listed the student's initials instead of the full first and last name
  • Sumdog account could have used a nickname instead of the full name
  • Sumdog account could have used the student's middle name or preferred name instead of the name listed in Clever
  • Student might have left the school but account is still listed as part of the school

Sumdog will however try their best to match all the students account but will need to verify with the district should there be any active students without a matching Clever account.

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