Sharing your data with Sumdog

This will need to be done by your district's IT Manager/IT Department. Before they begin sharing their data, it is best if they reach out to their Sumdog District Relationship Manager. This ensures that they only share the necessary data.



Follow our step by step guide on how to share the correct information to Sumdog from Clever.


  • In Clever, click the Applications tab. Look for Sumdog Rostering & SSO and go across to the sharing preferences.
  • In the next screen, select Share By Rules. 
  • The next page, select the middle box, to the right which says Share sections by subject and grade. 

You will need the following rule:      

  • WHERE -- Subject -- Equals any of -- Math/Mathematics (There will be a drop down menu to select from) *
  • AND -- Section grade -- Equals any of -- Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, etc.  

    Note: the boxes are case sensitive.

  • Once you’ve selected the correct subject and grades, click Done Editing and you’ll be brought to a review page. Here you can review what you’ve shared. If that looks correct, hit Save Sharing Rules, confirm and the share is complete!


*For lower grade students, you may have to share by homeroom rather than math class as they may not be assigned a specific math class.     

Don't worry if you are not sure if you should share your data by classes or Homerooms. If you are unsure of what data to share do get in in touch with your Sumdog District Relationship Manager, they will be able to advise you which classes you would need to share.

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