New to Clever?

If your district is currently not Clever enabled but have or would like to purchase the Administrator Toolkit package which includes the Clever set-up, don't worry, together with Clever's District Onboarding team we can help you get started. 


Here is what will happen once you have purchased the Administrator Toolkit package:

  1. Our District Relationship Managers will reach out to your school district contact with regards to getting your school(s) rostered through the Clever rostering program or using just the SSO. 
  2. If your district is not Clever enabled, we will then invite you to get set-up on Clever.
  3. Clever's District Onboarding team will then make contact with you to arrange for your district to be Clever enabled. 
  4. Once your district has Clever enabled for the schools you would like to have rostered, you can then begin the data sharing process with Sumdog.


Here is how you can start to share your data with Sumdog through Clever.


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