What can I expect to happen to my school account with the Clever integration?

With the partnership with Clever we aim to offer teachers and administrators an easier and quicker way to arrange your school's roster in Sumdog.


With the Clever integration you will no longer need to add or upload your students into classes or create accounts for students who join your school.

Teachers who are new to your school will also have their teacher account set up for them as part of the Clever rostering. 

Here is what you can expect to see happen with different accounts and sections with your Sumdog school:

  • Teacher account

We will not change any details of your teacher account. However if you had in the past registered for Sumdog using another email address (example personal email) that account will be removed from the school. Instead to access your teacher account associated with the school you will need to use the email address which is registered in your Clever teacher account.

If you currently do not have a Clever account do speak to your district administrators for assistance to help get your set up with a Clever teacher account at your school. Once you have a Clever account your data will be synced with Sumdog and you will continue to have access through your school to your students.

  • Students

All students will have their Sumdog accounts synced to their Clever account. This means that the students' names on their Sumdog account will appear the same way it does in Clever. You will also not be able to edit your student's names.

If you have a new student join your school they will automatically be added to Sumdog once their details are shared with us through Clever. The time frame will depend on how long it takes for the student's details to be shared with us. Once shared it will take about 24 hours for the student's details to be synced with Sumdog.

  • Manage Students page 


On your Manage student page you will see this message at the top. This means that your district is taking part in the Clever rostering and your students and classes will be kept up to date through Clever.

All the student accounts will be updated according to their Clever accounts. We will also move them to their new classes based on the data shared with us by your district. 

This means that you will no longer need to move the students to their new classes at the start of the new school year.

However you will also not be able to move students between classes or add new students to Sumdog as this will all be done automatically through Clever.

  • Class Name

One of the most noticeable changes with the Clever rostering will be the class names Once your Sumdog school has been integrated with Clever the names of your classes will appear exactly as they do in Clever. Don't worry if you need to shorten the name do let us know and we will be able to assist you.

  • Subscriptions

If you have a school or grade level subscription prior to the Clever integrations don't worry you will continue to have access to it during and after your school has been integrated with Clever. However, if you have a class subscription our team will advise you on the process prior to starting the integration.


Note: This will only apply to school who are sharing their data with Sumdog through Clever and have agreed to the Clever integration.

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