What do I need to prepare before my school is integrated?

Don't worry we will do all of the integration work for you. However, to make sure that the process goes smoothly here are some tips which you can follow before your school is integrated:

  • Make sure that students who have left your school are placed in the Removed student folder
  • Place any duplicate student accounts or they account you no longer want to keep in the Removed student folder.
  • Make sure that all students have their correct names on their account. Try not to have nicknames or initials as their names.
  • Try to have the students listed in their correct grade.
  • Make sure that your teacher account has the same email listed as your Clever account. If not you can update your email on your teacher profile page here.


Why is this important?

During the integration process we will match the Clever data shared with us by your district with your students' Sumdog accounts. This means that if there are any inconsistencies with the data the account might not be matched. To avoid any delays with the matching we do advise that all accounts are kept up to date with the correct details.

With your teacher account we will also match the data shared with us through Clever. Teachers will have their Sumdog accounts matched with their corresponding Clever accounts. If there is no matching Sumdog account found, our system will create a Sumdog teacher account for that Clever account. To avoid any confusion on your teacher account we would advise that you always use your latest teacher email or the email which is used in Clever as your Sumdog teacher email also.


Your school is now ready to begin the Clever integration process.


Note: This will only apply to school who are sharing their data with Sumdog through Clever and have agreed to the Clever integration.



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