What will happen to my teacher account?

With the Clever rostering we will also match your Sumdog teacher account to your Clever account. Your district will just need to share your Clever account details with us.

If you currently have your Sumdog teacher account registered using a different email address, don't worry you can still continue to use that account to log into Sumdog prior to integration. After integration you will just need to use your teacher email which is listed in Clever.

It would therefore be good to update the email address listed in your Sumdog teacher account to the same email address which you have listed in your Clever account. This way you will not have any disruptions to your access to Sumdog.

You will be able to update your email address from your Sumdog teacher profile here.


If you do not have a teacher account set up through Clever do speak to your school administrators or district administrators to get you set up on Clever.

Once your Clever account is shared with us your details will be synced with your Sumdog teacher account.


If you are having trouble with this do email us at support@sumdog.com and we will try to assist you.


Note: This will only apply to school who are sharing their data with Sumdog through Clever and have agreed to the Clever integration.

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