Viewing your Child’s Login Details

Once a child has been added to your Sumdog family account, you will then be able to view and/or edit login and account details as required.


If you need to change your child’s password, you can find out more details here.


If you still need to create an account for your child, you can find a guide here.


If your child currently has an account which has been set up by their school, you will need to speak to their teacher in order to access the login details. 

You can find more about linking a child’s school account to your family account here.


Once you have logged into your parent account, you will be able to view the login details for any child linked to your family account:

Step 1: Click ‘Settings’.  
Step 2: Click ‘VIEW’ in the ‘Login details’ box. Screenshot__169_123.png

Step 3: You can also export or print your child’s login details on this page.

Click ‘Export’ to export login details, or ‘Print login cards’ to print out their account login details.
Step 4: Click ‘Done’ to return to your parent dashboard. Screenshot__257_1234.png



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