Edit Family Details

There are a number of details which can be edited to personalise or update your family account.


Family name will be designated as the last name of the individual named on your parent account as default. This family name will also be displayed on your child’s profile in their Sumdog House, and also on your own parent account to reflect the family/families you are part of.


Location and time zone for your family account will be based on your location at the time of registration and creation of the account. This location will impact the particular standards and curriculum that your linked child accounts will work towards. Time zone also impacts the reporting and other time-sensitive features of your account.


It’s important to ensure that all details for your family account are correct, and current location, time zone, and family name are up to date.


You can find out more about how to update details on your family account below:

Step 1: Click ‘Settings’ at the top of your parent dashboard.  
Step 2: Click ‘EDIT’ in the ‘Children’ box. Screenshot__225_2.png
Step 3: Scroll down to ‘Family details’ and click ‘Edit details’. Screenshot__252_123.png

Step 4: You will now be able to edit the name of your family, account country, and time zone.

Either key in a new family name, or select the options from the drop-down list for locations and timezone.

Step 5: Click ‘Save’ to confirm the changes, then click ‘Done’ to return to your parent dashboard. Screenshot__238_1.png



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