Common Questions About Your Parent Account

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I accidentally registered for a teacher account, how can I change it to a parent account?

If you have accidentally registered for a teacher account instead of a parent account you will need to email our support team and request their help. 

Email and we will be happy to delete your teacher account. This will then allow you to undertake the registration process with your email address, and create a parent account to replace it.

You can operate two Sumdog accounts registered to two separate email addresses. It’s important to note that these two accounts will be seperate, and have separate functions and account history.

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I am a teacher but would also like to register for a parent account to use with my children. How can I do that? 

Only one Sumdog account can be registered to any given email address. That means you cannot register multiple accounts to the same email address.

If you are a teacher looking to register a parent account, you will be required to sign up using a separate email address. 

As a teacher, we would advise that you use your work email for your teacher account, and personal email for your parent account. Please ensure you use an active email address which you are able to freely access. This is important for functions such as validation of email and resetting your account password. 

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I no longer have access to the email used on my parent account, how can I reset the password?

We recommend that you keep your account details up to date in order to ensure easy access to your Sumdog account. You can find more about how to edit account details such as the registered email address here.

If you no longer have access to your email in order to reset your password, you can email our team at with details and we will be glad to help. For data security reasons we will be required to ask you a number of security questions to verify that you are the valid account owner. We will then be able to reset the password for you. 

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How can I delete my parent account?

It’s ok, sometimes it gets to the best of us! If you want to delete your parent account then email a request to and we will be glad to help out.

In order to verify the account properly, you will be required to send the email from the email address registered on the account. 

Once an account has been deleted we will not be able to reactive it.

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I registered with the wrong email address. Now I can’t confirm my account.

An active and easily accessible email account is necessary for account verification. If you have used an incorrect email address, simply register again with the correct email address included as part of the registration process. 


There’s no need to worry about constant emails or spam about our favourite dogs (all of them) filling up your inbox. Once your account is registered and confirmed, you can select which communication materials you want to receive following the guidelines here.


The default setting means you will only receive emails directly pertaining to your parent or family account. These emails relate to account security and verification. 

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Don’t see an answer to your question? Why not check out our Parent Help section for further details on how to manage your parent account. You can also email us at if there’s anything we can help with.



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