What is the difference between Clever rostering and SSO?

With Clever there are two options which your district can choose: Rostering and SSO or SSO only. Our Sumdog District Relationship Manager will be able to advise you on the different options and which would work best for your school/district and how you can get started.


Clever Rostering and SSO

The Clever Rostering and SSO includes rostering through Clever's Secure Sync and Single Sign On through the Clever portal. This will mean that the Sumdog school's account data will mirror the data which is shared with us through Clever. The Sumdog school roster will be maintained using our daily sync with Clever. This means that you will no longer need to spend time uploading and arranging your classes in Sumdog.

Both the teacher and students will also have the option to access Sumdog using the school's Clever app with their Single Sign On for easy and convenient access to the site. With SSO they will only need to use their Clever login to access all their school's programs. For younger students there is the option of using the Clever QR code for logins.


Clever Single Sign On (SSO) only

With Clever SSO only option, you will be able to sign into your Sumdog account using your Clever portal for easy access to your account. 

However, Sumdog will not receive roster data through Clever and your schools will need to maintain their Sumdog class rosters themselves.


Can I just choose to just use the Clever rostering and not the SSO?

Yes, if you like you can have your schools set up using the Clever rostering program and opt not to use the SSO app. The Clever SSO will come as part of the Clever rostering however if you prefer you  can choose not to use it. This will just mean that your teachers and students will need to access Sumdog using their Sumdog login details.



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