What data do I need to share through Clever?

Once your district has agreed to the Clever integration, we will need your Tech Manager/IT Coordinator to arrange for your school's data to be shared with us through Clever.

To make sure that we share the correct data we would like to arrange a chat with your district's Clever Integration Manager (this will normally be you district's Tech Manager/IT Manager). Our District Relationship Manager will then go over the type of data we would require to be shared.


The main data we will need is:

  • Teachers 
  • Students
  • All math classes
  • All ELA classes (if you have the ELA subscription)


Requested Sumdog Sharing Conditions:

  • Classes/homerooms should have 10 or more students. 

Reason: We run Sumdog regional/national Math contests throughout the year. For a class to take part they will need to have a minimum of 10 students in the class. 

If the class size is less than 10 students we would request for the Homeroom to be shared instead.

  • Students between grade kindergarten to 8th grade.

Reason: Sumdog current covers the skills for grade kindergarten to 8th grade. To avoid oversharing we will only require the data for the students within those grade levels. 

  • Math classes only

Reason: Unless the district or school have the subscription for the ELA subject we would only require the Math classes to be shared. This is to avoid over sharing  the data for students and teachers who might not need an account.

We can always look at adding the ELA classes at a later date, if ELA is purchased. 


For a more detailed instructions on the sharing permission, do also refer to Clever's Help page here

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