A teacher has invited me to join their school, but I am already part of another school account

Are you currently teaching at the school which sent you the join invite?

If you are not, then you can simply reject the invite. You teacher account will then remain in the current school account until it has been removed.


If you are part of the school (which you were invited to join) but your account happens to be in another school, this could be due to:

  • You moving school and not leaving your old school's Sumdog account
  • You might be in a duplicate school account
  • You might have joined an incorrect school

To join the school account which sent you the invite, simply click on the link in the email. You will then see a message saying that your teacher account is currently part of another school and asking if you want to switch schools.

Click Switch schools at the bottom to confirm the move or Cancel to reject.


When you click on Switch schools your teacher account will then be moved to the other school account and you will be removed from your current school account. 

Do note: this will not move any of the student accounts. 

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