I sent a join request but have not yet been approved, why?

Once you have sent your request to join a school's Sumdog account, we will email all the teachers currently on the account letting them know that someone has requested to join the school.

Any teacher on the account will be able to approve a join request from the Manage teachers page. However sometimes due to our emails either being blocked or sent to the spam/junk mail folder, the teachers might not know that a request has been sent.

If you have also registered for your teacher account using a different email, the teachers might be cautious of accepting any user who are not using the school's email.

You could let the teachers in your school know that you have requested to join the school account and ask them to approve your join request.


However, if you are unsure of which teachers are part of the school or feel that the account is inactive do contact us at support@sumdog.com, we can investigate and advise you on what to do so that you can get started on Sumdog. 


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