How can I join my school account?

If you are a new teacher who has just registered for your teacher account or an existing teacher needing to move schools, here is how you can request to join your Sumdog school account.


If your account is currently not attached to a school you will automatically be brought to the 'Find your school' page to begin the process when you log into your account.


1) To begin you will be asked to first select your country from the drop-down list. Once you have selected your country, you will then be asked for your school's zip code/postcode to narrow the search.

Click on the Search button on the bottom right to begin.


2) Our system will now do a search on all the accounts with the matching zip code/postcode. Once you have found your school click on 'This is my school' to request to join. You will see the initials of the teachers currently in the school account.

3) Once you have sent in a join request you will see a message on your dashboard that your request is pending. You will need to wait for a teacher in the school to approve your request.


Any teacher currently part of your school will be able to approve your join request. We do this to verify that you are part of the school.

Once they have approved your request you will be able to access your dashboard and add your students. 


I can't see my school's name in the search result.

 If you do not see your school's name on the list, it could be that an account does not yet exist. You can then create a school account by clicking on 'Can't see your school? Create a new one' at the bottom of the page.

Fill in your school details and click Next at the bottom right of the page. We will do one more search to make sure that the account does not exist. 

If you still are not able to find your school, click on the option at the bottom of the page to create your school account.


Why is it taking so long to get approved?

Sometimes if there are no active teachers in the school, we will be able to approve your join request. If there is no one who can approve you join request do email us at and we will be able to help.


Help, I joined the wrong school by accident.

Don't worry if you accidentally sent a join request to the wrong school you can cancel the request by clicking on the Cancel request option on the message on your dashboard.

You will then be able to click on Cancel this request.  


Once you have canceled the pending join request you will be able to click on Find my school, to search for your school to join.


Still stuck? ... Contact us