What can I edit on the School details?

On the school details page you will be able to control what access all the student in the school have to selected features such as the House, Choosing skills, Gift giving. You will also be able to edit the school hours, your time zone, the standards/curriculum you will use and what type of login details you would like your students to use.


Main Settings

  • Subscription - If your school has a subscription click on 'See your subscription details' you will be able to view your school/class current subscription and when it will expire.
  • Address - If there are any changes to your school address you will need to email support@sumdog.com who will be able to change it for you. Do list the reason for the change. If you are moving or have moved schools you would need to leave the school account and request to join the correct school.
  • School Hours - By default the school hours will be set from 8.30am to 3.30pm. Click Change to edit this to your actual hours. The school hours will determine when the restrictions an the students' account will be in effect.
  • Time zone - This will be set up based on what was listed when the school account was created, you can However change it by clicking on Change and then setting it to the correct time zone.
  • Neighborhood- When setting up your Sumdog school account you would have been asked to choose the County and District (or closes district to your area). Normally these two would not change, however, if you had originally selected an incorrect area you will be able to change it from here. Click on Change and then choose the correct County and District from the drop-down list.
  • Standards - This will be the selected standards/curriculum your students will be working through. The skills and questions your students are asked will be aligned with the standards/curriculum you have selected. To change any of the subject's standards click on Change, you will then be able to select the available standard/curriculum from the drop-down list. 
  • House access - From here you will be able to set the setting of the House access for the whole school. You will be able to set the House to either open or closed during school hours. Teachers will be able to edit the House access for their individual classes from their teacher dashboard should they wish to open/close it for their class during the day. After school hours the House will remain open for the students.
  • Student skill choice - Students will work through their skills based on their diagnostic test score, however, students can also choose which skills they would like to work on. If you would prefer that your students not be able to choose their own skills you can change the settings by clicking on Change
  • Gift settings - Students will be able to send gifts to each other if they have been added as a friend. However should you prefer you will be able to turn off the option for students to send gifts. By default, it will be set to allow however if you would like to change this click on Change and select 'Prevent students from giving gifts'.
  • School name visibility - When playing the games students will only have their first name and last name initials displayed, together with the name of their school. If you would prefer that the name of your school is not displayed you can click on Change and tick 'Hide your school's name from students in games'.
  • Activities - Students will have access to other activities on their account however if you would not like the students in your school to have access to tables mode you will be able to edit it from here.


Login settings

  • Login type - By default students will be given a random username and password by Sumdog when their student account is created. Students will need to use their username and password to access their student account. However for extra security, if you would like to can change it to also include a school code.

With the school code enabled, you will also be able to create custom usernames for your students. To change the login settings click on Change, you will then be able to select which login option you would like your school to use.

You will also be able to change your school code from here.


Writing settings

If your school has purchased the Reading and Writing subscription you will be able to manage the writing settings from this page. You will also be able to view the students writing discussions and also print out a parent letter for the students so that they can use writing at home.



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