How can I change the standards/curriculum on my school account?

When you first set up your Sumdog school account the Standard/Curriculum will be automatically allocated based on your selected country and region. However, you can view and change your school's standards/curriculum at any time.

Note: When you change your school's standard/curriculum your students will need to retake their diagnostic test. This is so that their diagnostic test scores can be aligned with the selected standard/curriculum.


To view and/or change your school's standards/curriculum you can:

1) Select Settings at the top

2) Click on Curriculum

3) Click on SELECT in the School curriculum box


4) You will now be able to view a list of your school's current Standards/Curriculum for each subject


5) To change which standard/curriculum your students are working on click on the drop-down box next to each subject


6) Click Done at the bottom to confirm the change

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