How can I assign/remove a teacher from a class?

On Sumdog you will be able to assign a teacher to a class. Teachers will be able to be assigned to multiple classes. 

To manage which teachers are responsible for each class:

1) Click on Settings at the top

2) Click on MANAGE in the Manage students box


3) In the class roster page tick All year groups under the Class filter on the top left. This will show you all the classes which are currently in the school account


4) Click the View details next to the class which you would like to link a teacher to

5) Click Select teachers

6) Tick the box beside the teacher(s) you want to add or un-tick those you would like to remove

7) Click Save to confirm


You can monitor the classes you are assigned to from your teacher dashboard.

You will need to be assigned to at least one class or group to be able to view reports, set activities and assessments for the students.

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