Can I invite a teacher to join Sumdog?

Teachers are able to join a school by either creating an account and requesting to join a school or an existing teacher in the school account will be able to send them an invite to join the school.


Here is how you can invite other teachers to join your school account:

1) Click on Settings at the top of the page

2) Click on MANAGE in the Manage teachers box


3) On the bottom of the Teachers page click on Add teacher

4) On the Add teachers page key in the email of the teacher you would like to invite and click Send an invitation



If you need to cancel the invite click on Cancel invitation next to the name of the teacher under the Actions heading.


Once a teacher has been invited to join the Sumdog school account we will send them an email notifying them that you have invited them to join your school.

If they do not have a Sumdog teacher account they will be invited to create one, once they have created and confirmed their account they will be added to your school.

If they already have a teacher account, they will just need to click on the invite link and they will be added to the school.

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