I need to remove a teacher who is no longer at my school.

Whenever a teacher leaves a school, we do advise that they remove themselves from the school account.


However, if you find that there are teachers listed as being part of your school who have since left you can remove them from the school account. 


To remove a teacher from the school you can:

1) Click on Settings at the top of the page.

2) Then click on MANAGE in the Manage teachers box


3) On the Teachers page, you will see a list of teachers who are currently in your school account. Under Actions click on Remove next to the name of the teacher who you would like to remove from the school.

Once a teacher has been removed from a school account they will no longer have access to the students' data.


Next to the names of the teachers you will also be able to see the date when they last logged into their account.

If you are not sure if a teacher is part of your school, it is best to remove them, they can always request to join the school again.

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