I have moved schools, how can I update my account?

If you move or are leaving your school, you should also leave your old Sumdog school account.

You will then be able to create or join your new school's Sumdog account.

To change which school is linked to your teacher login:

  1. Click on Settings at the top of the page
  2. Click MANAGE in the Manage teachers box   Screenshot__392_.png
  3. Besides your name, you'll see the option to 'Leave School' - Click this and confirm your decision.
  4. Once you have left the school you will be able to search and request to join your new school account. You can do this when you go back to your main dashboard.


If you're the only remaining teacher on your old school's account, you will not be able to leave until another has joined. There must be a teacher on a Sumdog school account to administer the students' accounts. You can then invite another teacher to join the school or if there is no other teacher, do get in touch with us at support@sumdog.com and we will be able to assist.


Accidentally added your students to the wrong school?

If you have accidentally set up your students in the incorrect school, place them in the 'Students no longer in my school' folder (Manage student page). Once you have joined your correct school account pass your students the school code and they can request to join the correct school account when they login. They will not lose any progress or coins this way.

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