How to move your teacher account to a new school

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We advise that you keep your account details and student information up to date, to ensure that we have the correct information to assist with any account changes. 

You can find out more about changing your email address or updating your password here.

How can I move my teacher account to my new school?

It’s an exciting time moving school, but you don’t have to leave everything behind. Your Sumdog account can join you for the journey.

Step 1: Click ‘Settings’ at the top of your teacher dashboard  Annotation_2020-06-29_145916a.png
Step 2: Click ‘MANAGE’ in the Manage teachers box  Annotation_2020-06-29_145959c.png
Step 3: Besides your name, you'll see the option to 'Leave School'. Click on this to leave the school account. Annotation_2020-07-02_150003a.png

Step 4: Once you have left the school you will be able to search and request to join your new school account. 

You can find details on how to request to join a new school account here - How to create a teacher account and join a new school


Note: Moving your teacher account will not automatically move students. Students are linked to a school account, and not any individual teacher account.

School accounts normally require at least one teacher linked to the account. If you are the only teacher registered on the school account, email and we will be happy to manually remove you from the school account.

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What do I do if I accidentally added my students to the wrong school account?

It’s important to link your account to that of the new school which you have joined before you add students to your class. Due to issues of data security and privacy, we advise strongly against adding new students to a previous school’s account, as this will provide access to student information for other teachers registered at this school.

If you have accidentally added your students to the incorrect account, you can move them to the correct school account once your own teacher account is linked to the new school.

Step 1: Click ‘Settings’ at the top of your teacher dashboard.  Annotation_2020-06-29_145916a.png
Step 2: Click on ‘MANAGE’ in the Manage students box. Annotation_2020-06-29_145959a.png
Step 3: Place all your students into the folder ‘Students no longer in my school’.

You can remove the students by either dragging and dropping their accounts into the folder.


Click on 'select multiple students' at the bottom of the class. Click on the blue arrow next to the class to show all students. 

Once they are selected, click ‘Remove students’ in the bottom left corner - it will tell you how many students will be removed.

Note: It’s best to make a note of your students’ login details before taking this action.



Step 4: Once you have removed the students, you will need to remove your own teacher account from the incorrect school.  You can find instructions on how to remove your account here.
Step 5: Next, ensure you have joined the correct school. 

Once this is complete, you can begin the process of adding students to your new school. 

You can find details on how to join a school here.
Step 6: When your students next login they will receive a message asking them to request to join a school.

They will need to key in the school code to request to join the school. You can find the school code here, at the bottom of the page next to login settings.

Step 7: Once your students have requested to join the school account, log into your teacher account and go to Settings and then go to the Manage Students page. Annotation_2020-06-29_145959av.png
Step 8: On the bottom left click on  ‘xx students have requested to join’. Annotation_2020-07-03_104134.png

Step 9: Tick the names of the students who you wish to add into your class and tick the box 'Accept into the school'.


Step 10: Select the class you would like to move the students to from the dropdown box.

If you have not yet set up your class, you can place them in a folder marked ‘Students Without Class’. 

You can find out how to set up a class here.

Step 11: Click 'OK' Annotation_2020-07-03_104336.png

Step 12: You should now see the name of the class selected listed under the Class heading.

Click 'Save Changes' to add the students to the selected class.


Step 13: Once your students have been added to the class, we advise printing out their login details. These may have changed depending on the settings for your new school.

 Here is how you can view their login details.

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